13:08 / Diutarakan oleh Mohd Khairul Aizuddin Abu Bakar /

1. Hello again readers. If u still exist.

2. Or probably myself in the future. InsyaAllah.

3. It's been awhile i didn't write anything in this blog.

4. Twitter takes place, but not too long. Its getting ridiculous.

5. Now im focusing to picture sharing. Means that viral pictures received from whatsapp messenger, wechat, kakao, or anything else will be posted here.

6. This is an alternative to tumblr, which is not very convenient to my liking.

7. There are words also, spreads, rumors or anything that i wish to keep. Only keep it. Not to spread it to others.

8. I am also considering to make this blog private in the future. Only my wife, family, trusted relatives and colleagues might allowed to read this.

9. If you have any questions, just keep it to yourself.


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